The RV is loaded…

Hello everyone! I’m Alfred, I decided to start blogging my experiences since as you might have seen from the home page I have sold my house and decided to travel around meeting new people and doing new things. Let me tell you a little about myself.


I’m single, I’m 80 (I like guys in their 20s by the way….) I’m GAY! and for some reason the younger gays that always ask my advice or opinion refer to me as the Wise Old Gay, like I am some kind of tribal elder or something lol. Well, I decided to roll with it and use it for this blog. I have never blogged before but it seems pretty straight forward so hopefully people read and enjoy it! It will be covering my adventure in this remainder of my life from the start, and all the silly exploits and random happenings along the way from my experience with Grindr, to the people and places and things I think of along the way. I do hope you enjoy it, it already seems to be quite and interesting outlet for me.

I would very much like it if people had questions they would feel free to ask, or even if you need advice. I know it might take a while for readers to gain an opinion of me BUT I do have 80 years of knowledge that seems to have been working well for others since I got this nickname, so this can be my diary, blog, adventure log, captains log what ever it may be along with advice column!

I have to finish getting things settled before I head out on the road south (its winter up north atm and REALLY cold on these old bones, I don’t like it one bit so warmer weather here I come! (hopefully nice cute guys as well!)


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  1. Dear Alfred, Since you said it was ok to ask questions and kinda do it like an ask Abbey kinda thing I figured lets see if you are wise. I live in a really small town that doesn’t like gays much but I am pretty popular right now. I am trying to decide if I should wait to come out until after I graduate and can move away or should I just do it now and be me and be free? My question is when did you come out? and what do you think I should do? Allen


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