Well since its still so cold I decided to check out Grindr, lets just say I have found the prevalence of fake profiles so very annoying. Some of them are ridiculously fake.. I seem to get a lot of guys claiming to be in the military and looking for love. Either our military is full of very cute twinks that can’t spell in English very well that surprisingly have such a hard time finding “love” or I’m the Queen of England lol. Besides that, their profile information doesn’t match up at all to their pictures lol saying your 4’9″ and having pictures (which are really nice ) of guys that are obviously 6ft or more….they don’t even seem to put effort in, and then if you bother to reply they eventually need money for this or that. Is this common for all older gay men? or are they somehow targeting me? I wonder….

I also seem to just get weirdos

This is typical for me….. :/

Honest…Eternal Loyalty…Faithfulness….oh ya the main word INCOME……

Honestly…. these ones give up after initiating contact…

It’s like a really poor telephone scam with a photo taken from the frames you buy at the store….

This is pathetic people… very pathetic :/ at least TRY…I’m old not completely and utterly senile and stupid!

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