The first Stop…

Hello everyone! So I decided to tell you all about my first stop. I got tired of driving and was watching all the signs go by about the caves and decided to stop and check it out! It was pretty interesting, there will be pictures below.


The park….The park was called Cave Country RV and it was a nice little park, clean and very easy registration and the owner and staff were very friendly and easy to talk to. While at the park, my Grindr was going off non stop (mostly flakes and bots) but alas this old man didn’t meet any cute twinks in person, although there were MANY in the area, some of whom even talked to me and weren’t fake, they just wanted some money for whatever reason they gave eventually.

The cave…. Now the caves were very interesting, as was the very handsome/cute blond tour guide that looked like a surfer from California lol. I took the shortest tour due to the amount of steps and walking, but it was very worth it. You start out at the visitor center, which is FULL of displays and information and you make your way to a pavilion swarming with lady bugs to wait for a bus….yes…this I was not expecting by any means.

The bus was ok, it was definitely not a school bus like I had ever ridden. It was powered by propane and the seats were EXTREMELY higher quality and much more comfortable. It was also like a little planet of lady bugs! The air was so thick with them it felt like I was going to end up breathing them in (and then hopefully get mouth to mouth from the hot tour guide after choking lol 😀 )

After a ten minute ride we pulled up to a man made entrance with one of those spinning doors… I tell ya I hate those things if you don’t time it right you get your rear-end spanked by it and make it stop and then everyone is help up and thrown out of their rhythm preparing to make it through. The temperature in the cave was pretty nice and after we were told that the thousands of things on the walls about giving me a heart attack were cave crickets and not spiders I calmed down and had a nice time.

Overall it was a lovely day with a hot tour guide and a really nice place to stop. The nearby town of Glasgow, Kentucky has a Walmart for supplies and a nice Chinese Buffet called New Century Buffet that was VERY good. If you’re passing by the area stop at the campground and say hi to the owner and stay a night, its a good middle of the way, any way really break point and take a cave tour! I’ll attempt to put some pictures below. Alfred…

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