The Arkansas here

Hello everyone! After exploring the caves in Cave City Kentucky and staying at that nice little campground I decided to do some further exploring west. I have never seen Arkansas and thought it would be interesting, and it was…at the least the trip was.

You are probably wondering why the trip was interesting? Well there was lots of open land….lots and lots of open land. It’s like cities are setup in the center of the state and just spread out to an extent and then BAM absolutely nothing but wide open spaces and hills. So many of the homes I drove by were boarded up and abandoned as well. I found this little campground right off the side of the highway and it was raining and dark so I decided to stop and stay there for a couple days. Stopping there was no easy task! getting back into the park was no easy task, the road if you can call it that was nothing but holes! I practically went off-roading while pulling the RV. The Rv ended up muddy and jumbled around badly and the campground was a nightmare. Junky, run down and couldn’t ever get anybody in the office or on the phone, the hookups were all setup weird and my electric cord literally had to stretch to where it wasn’t sitting on the ground ( yes I had the RV parked as close as I could.)

Now after getting there, it was time to rest and explore. Well the weather was nasty to my exploring consisted of opening Grindr to see what was going on in the area, and boy was a I surprised at the number of guys messaging me and EVEN A LADY…yes a full blown woman was on Grindr, I was so curious that when she messaged me I just had to ask and boy was I surprised at what I found out.

80 years on this planet and I never thought for a million years that I would have a normal conversation with a prostitute!

Now you may be thinking that you have those conversations all the time with guys that want money yadda yadda but I don’t see it as the same, this lady’s job and lively hood literally depend on her getting laid for money, which she wasn’t having much luck that night and was kind of down so just wanted some conversation, which with my curiosity peaked I was happy to oblige. She apparently didn’t start doing this on her own, she had a piece of work ex-husband who wasn’t a very nice fellow that made her do it, set her prices and well…I’m sure you can just guess what kind of guy he is. It was a very interesting conversation WHICH I happened to screen shot and will post below somewhere.

Another interesting person I met in Arkansas was a young twink…I think I will call him Charley on here so I don’t use his real name. He was blonde, loved thongs and loved chatting with an older man, and he didn’t ask for money or anything else, actually I was so bored I invited him for a milk shake and he accepted and we went to Sonic and got to chat a bit. Now Charlie is blonde and has long hair, and just looking at him you would think he’s a girl, I think the term is androgynous similar to Lady Gaga. He most definitely was an interesting character who happily showed me pictures of his cheer squad and flag core and sequined outfits. His father knows he’s gay apparently but that’s it. He was going to school for general education nearby and had roommates that were in and out and from what he said really doesn’t leave the apartment much other than classes, so we both had an enjoyable milkshake and conversation until he needed to get back to get some sleep for class in the morning and I most definitely needed some sleep, I was up way past my bedtime.

While I was in Arkansas I checked out some property I had seen online for sale as well, because I have got this plan you see…. with the house sold and nowhere to go back to when it gets way to hot down south I am thinking ahead of what new adventures lay in store, but I would really like SOMEWHERE to park myself for an extended amount of time. After seeing the variety of campgrounds, I have decided to look into starting a small one somewhere towards the middle of the county for the summer season as an added income! Well the property I looked at that I thought was absolutely perfect online turned out to be not so perfect in person. After putting the GPS coordinates in my handy dandy Garmin I went to explore….and it was on top of a mountain! There was no mention of this online and you most definitely couldn’t tell from the satellite view on Google Earth, I walked around it and checked it out and wouldn’t you know it would have been quite nice for a few RV spots and some small cabins and tent sites, it was just to steep of an incline to even get RV’s into the property. My hopes weren’t dashed though because after calling agents and checking into it more it seems this idea could be a lucrative endeavor and can be done! So I have decided to keep looking around after the season more south comes to an end, after all from my rough figures it looks like running a place like that for six months out of the year could easily provide the income for my winter stays in Florida and return more north to less extreme heat in the summers. Time will tell on what I decide and you all will be informed and of course invited!

Arkansas wasn’t all that much, but I had some new experiences and good conversation so I was pleased. Now where should I go next? that’s the question because I have decided to take things a few days at a time, I don’t have a schedule and nothing is set in stone so why not? I’m 80, exploring and can take all the time I want which I think I’m going to do. I hope you all are enjoying my post and remember to check out the conversation with a prostitute. Alfred….

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