Mounting a new TV…the fight

This was a nightmare! The TV space in the RV is hydraulic with a push button, its space saving and quite nice. The only problem was it had an older style flat screen that wasn’t a smart TV, and I happen to like this TCL Roku quite a lot with the free apps and things on it I rarely use cable anymore, and most campgrounds now have decent enough wifi to run them easily. So instead of stashing the Roku TV every time I move the camper I decided it was time to mount it and not have to deal with it each time.

Well, as you can see from the picture I somehow managed to do it, it required about 2 hours and a step stool…a step stool you might ask? Well the way the stupid thing is setup you have to access it through the back window of the RV, from the outside, while managing to hold the TV up, line up the screws ( after you find screws and nuts and washers that work) all while getting it all lined up perfectly to be able to screw them in. The TV that came with it I took off? well it was a custom job from the looks of it. Somebody went through the trouble of cutting and welding a piece of metal and making a custom mounted plate to make it easier….I didn’t have that luxury sadly.

In the end, the new TV is up, I managed to not break it doing so, and now I can push the button and the TV pops up out of the cabinet ready to watch. I can see why the TV wasn’t updated before now, hopefully this TCL Roku last until I’m done with the RV because it was a hell of a job! Alfred…

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  1. Congratulations on another job well done. All that work just to watch television. Lol. Me, I’m not so talented for I would have just Super Glued the new TV set to the cabinet top.


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