Today I had Balls!

LOL…all jokes aside today I tried something new, something I have never tried before. I thought it would be a perfect thing to do on this adventure of mine since it was totally new, and it was VERY good! You already know I like balls of course! These are called Boudin Balls! no they aren’t attached to a twink named Boudin, they are very interesting deep fried sausage mixed with other things about the size of a baseball, and yes some are filled with yummy white stuff, aka pepper jack cheese! They also have some that are crayfish which were also very good but quite spicy.

my balls and cracklin dinner

Besides trying some new balls, I tried cracklin, pork fact that is seasoned and fried, it was very good but extremely pricey! 1 lb of pork cracklin was $19.00!!!! I just got a scoop..

All in all, it was a nice sunny day in the mid to upper 50’s, I got to try some new balls (sadly not the ones I would like to have the most) and some cracklin…I’m stuffed with balls for the night, and have made this such a naughty post! oh well, its my adventure and I can make jokes and eat balls if I want to! …Until next post!…..Alfred

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