Hello readers! So, I know its been a few days but I wanted to wait to make the surprise post, and if I had posted sooner you may have had an idea of where I was and what I am doing. First, Arkansas is a much more beautiful place than I got to realize on my first trip through, It is very much different than Indiana. So much different that my truck has gotten dirtier than it ever has with me owning it!

You cant see it very well in this picture, BUT the truck is completely covered in dirt and mud, and no I didn’t go mudding I went exploring! The back roads of Arkansas have some of the best scenery I have seen. The ups and downs and even in this time of year the different colors of the foliage are quite nice to see. As I drive around I cant help but think about how if this land wasn’t here, there would just be a big hole in the planet. Most of its not being used for ANYTHING…its just there and beautiful.

It was during this exploring I decided even more than I had that my plan to start a Gay clothing optional campground in this beautiful land was a great one. Yes, you read that right, the surprise is my offer on the land was accepted! I am hoping to have it operational the end of this next summer. It will be a very private members only retreat, with cabins, activities and peace and serenity nicely secluded in the middle of nowhere. To get to the property, you have to take a 6 mile drive down a very rural gravel road and onto a private drive area. The property it’self if perfect for what I am planning, and has possible room to expand in the coming years. I was out on the property today finding the property lines, pushing through the briers and attempting to find the borders so I know where to brush hog this Tuesday. I have a general idea of the layout right now, I am not going to post it at the moment because it keeps subtlety changing and will continue to do so as I have the well and septic installed.

The property is extremely secluded, it has nice open grassy spaces and small groves of oak trees. It is where I will be staying when not in Florida during the winter months and I hope many others will come to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, all natural if they so choose!

After I return from Florida, I will be having the basic systems installed, the office and will start building guest cabins. I am planning to have a pool and sun deck, a hot tub, and a sauna along with fun activities. I also want suggestions from guest! the first year will be a lot of work for me, and I will hopefully be able to find volunteers to come help as well by offering free day passes, maybe free memberships I am not entirely sure on that yet. Besides getting the property, I have started a new LLC to oversee everything, needless to say these days while I haven’t been posting I have been a very busy bee! I hope you all will stay tuned to any updates, there will still be more adventure to come in Florida, and then all of the adventures of building and starting this thing.

I hope to see comments, suggestions and well wishes. I will miss my friends back in Indiana, and I can always go back to visit and now those friends can come to visit me and see my creation and adventure in person. Alfred…..

“While it will be modeled on a Gay Clothing Optional Campground, since I have been to some before and liked the setup, it will be open to all males that get a membership regardless of orientation. “


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