Arkansas Roads

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about the roads again in Arkansas. They are winding, with elevation going up and down up and down repeatedly to the point you wonder if there is a straight level road here but they are also beautiful. Today I went exploring and seeing more of the countryside, checking out suppliers for my new business venture and seeing just what attractions and stores are around. I must say, places here are sparse. Unlike back home in Indiana. A trip to get my hair cut which I did today as well (cost me $17 insane!) is an all day affair, at least for me. Walmart surprisingly being started in Arkansas are in short supply and you have to drive at least 20 minutes to get to one and usually around 30 miles. As I also found out today, with the advent of the “neighborhood market” versions of the store not all of them have hair cutting places inside!

I got the hair cut, remembered to get some fire starters which would have been very nice to have last night. I attempted to make a fire and have smores, and wouldn’t you know it the wood that I bought from the gas station wasn’t cured so the fire worked for all of 5 minutes and sizzled out…needless to say I wasn’t very happy after hunting for somewhere that was open to buy wood (they roll up the sidewalks here around 5pm) and finally finding it only to be thwarted by moisture! Oh, that’s right this post was about the roads! Well, the roads are insane. I have a tendency to speed a little bit, which is NOT something you want to do here! Besides the fact that Arkansas seems to be polluted with police, I’m talking one trip to a store and you are bound to see at least 5 on the way, but with winding roads and the obvious speed traps (they jump back and fourth 10 mph or so for no obvious reasons other than the cows in the fields being able to see who’s going by easier)…long story short you really just shouldn’t speed! I, myself and working on it!

A road, is a road, is a road….

What is there really to say about the roads here? I intended to make this post all about the roads, but lets face it roads take us places. Roads take us past beautiful places, they take us past many abandoned and empty places such as here, and they take us everywhere nowadays. The beauty of Arkansas roads while being new to the area, whatever road you pick your bound to see something new and interesting, and most likely make your trip an all day affair. Until next time, Alfred…

photo:Brandonrush [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D

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