Travel Hotspots: Eastern Montana

When people think of Montana, they often think of the huge mountains that the state offers. Starting about the middle of the state and moving west, there are tons of these behemoths. The rugged Beartooth Mountains are right there near Billings, Montana; head west and you get into even more amazing monoliths.

What most people don’t think about is the eastern half of the state. They think it’s all prairie land with little character. But there are areas that have relatively unknown beauty that the vast majority of tourists skip in order to see more popular areas like Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

Miles City, Montana

One area that definitely deserves a spot on your vacation list is Miles City, Montana. This quaint little cowboy town has a deep history dating back a couple hundred years. It is here where you will find old west meets new west. You will still see bucking broncos and cowboys, but you will also see all the modern conveniences of life as we know it today. What will really strike you is the rich wildlife and abundant resources nearby.

Miles City is located at the confluence of the Tongue River and the Yellowstone River. It is here where you will find world class trout fishing within a couple hundred yards of those fishing for the prehistoric paddlefish. You can float down the rivers, or enjoy an afternoon listening to the water roll by at one of the many parks.

But it’s not all water in Miles City. The area has some serious landscape around it. There are hills and mountains. There are deer, turkeys, elk, and other wildlife thriving in these areas. You can go hunting or fishing, or simply head out for some wildlife viewing. The choice is yours, but the bottom line is that you won’t be disappointed with what this western town has to offer.

Visit Eastern Montana

Miles City has its own airport . If you want to fly right into the area. If you want to take a little road trip, Billings, Montana has an international airport and it’s a mere two hour drive away. Come ready to experience cowboy culture, and visit the fantastic museums in town in order to learn the most about how Miles City got its start.

Travel Hotspots: Eastern Montana by SCOTT SERY


Photo:By Ansel Adams – U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17174082

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