Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good Thanksgiving today with your friends and loved ones. I am relaxing and having a lazy day in the RV today with the rotisserie chicken from Walmart purchased last night and reheated as my meal.

Yesterday, the adventure took a new turn, and a very long trip! The skid steer and excavator I was looking at didn’t work out. Turns out scammers are more prevalent than I even realized BUT I didn’t fall for it and found a better option. I traveled 14 hours round trip yesterday up to St. Louis and back and low and behold found a deal! I purchased a backhoe! It has the loader on the front, the backhoe digger on the back, its big and powerful enough to do what I need to do AND the gentleman I purchased it from was kind enough to throw in an extra bucket and a forklift attachment! The trip was extremely long…and I got to see so much more of the country, It got much colder up north more but oddly enough unlike around here fields were green. Oh ya, the absolute best part of yesterday was getting all of that for the WHOPPING price of $6300.00…Now if you have ever looked at prices on those machines you would understand just how much of a steal I got by traveling so far, granted the bill to have it delivered to the property isn’t very nice but it could always be worse!

Today, I have taken advantage of some of the Black Friday Deals and ordered a literal crap ton of tools and supplies at nicely discounted prices, and the end of next week when the special pole saw I ordered arrives I will be starting trimming the road and trees up and starting construction!

Even though it was a very long and tiring day, it was extremely productive and I am THANKFUL for the savings I accomplished with the trip. That’s right, THANKFUL..what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Its a rainy cold mess here at the RV, and I think today I am just going to relax and enjoy some TV. Tomorrow if it doesn’t rain I have some maintenance to do on the truck, and then continue on with the adventure!

As always, thanks for your time. Alfred….

Photo: By Unknown – https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/nby_teich/id/20343, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67077559

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