What Every Traveler Needs To Know About Red River New Mexico

If you’re a fervent explorer of this great country, you’ll know that you can travel for a lifetime and never come close to seeing the whole of the United States. You are, however, the person to ask about little places some might be missing out on, which would likely include Red River, New Mexico.

Red River, NM is an amazing town in the southern Rocky Mountains. One of the main reasons that Red River seems to maintain a bit of a low profile is because to the southwest of Red River is Taos, which is one of the premier winter destinations in the U.S.. To the southeast, you’ll find Angel Fire, nearly the equal of Taos in terms of size and popularity. These two cities tend to draw most of the crowds, which tends to keep Red River relatively quiet & relaxed. For the person looking for a peaceful visit to a great mountain town but also looking to avoid tourist congestion, Red River, New Mexico is where it’s at.

Still need a little convincing? Here are a few quick facts about this great little town:

Average Summer Temperature ca. 75°F — It certainly bears screaming from the rooftops, but having summer temperatures so ideal makes it easy for Red River to offer so many activities throughout the year (the Ski & Summer Area can’t be missed). Spring is only about a day old right now, but you can already feel this beautiful weather.

Average Annual Snowfall ca. 200” — Speaking of seasonal, if you’re a skier, snowboarder, or a snow-mobile junky, it’s hard to scoff at a few hundred inches of average snow per year. Keep in mind that this is an average. Few places can hold a candle to these stats.

Varied Wildlife — Friends of nature and the outdoors are often thrilled to know that such a varied amount of wildlife can be found in, and around, Red River. While you may not necessarily interact with all of these critters, it’s cool to know that you’re in a tremendous environment that maintains a close relationship with the land.

Population in the 100s — More popular ski areas & resorts can sometimes be bursting at the seams, but Red River has always been small & takes pride in maintaining a very old-school feel to the town. Tourism congestion aside, some popular winter destinations are becoming popular places to relocate on a permanent basis. Somehow, Red River has avoided this trend, keeping things tidy.

Tourism — Tourism isn’t such a bad thing, though. Small population & traditions aside, Red River invests a lot of resources in maintaining an active visitors season throughout the entire calendar year because tourism does bring a lot to the town. The nice thing is no matter when you visit, you’ll find a great place that feels tailor-made for your family.

Temperate weather, access to the outdoors, and relative year-round quiet seem like great reasons to make Red River, New Mexico your next great family destination.

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Photos Used: Article from: http://www.amazines.com/Advice/article_detail.cfm/6256073?articleid=6256073

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