Well everyone, those of you that know me personally had some worries so let me update you. Power is being installed next week or week after, I have plenty of help for the heavy lifting out here, these country boys are quite nice to older gentleman and pretty cheap labor a case of beer and dinner for a days work cutting down trees! My cold has pretty much went away, just been dealing with other things and have been pretty busy. Not too much longer and the boys will have enough cleared for me to call in gravel trucks and then I can get that leveled, put in septic and move the rv onto the property.

Sorry I haven’t been posting all that much, paperwork isn’t much fun to talk about and neither is driving gathering supplies. For my sunday morning breakfast friends, all is well I am just a busy guy loving this adventure. When things get going better you will have to visit and experience just how different it is here, go to a few stores and you will understand why I decided to land here. The people treat you like family, its actually weird at first when people grab things up out of your shopping cart and start telling you about better deals, or how their doctors appointment went on tuesday ALL before you even learn their name. As always, Alfred

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