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Ordered this lovely machine after comparing prices and uses. It is cheapest on here, AND it detaches from the pole so you have an electric chainsaw to use off the pole too! Try it out!
Now this I swear by, traveling around in different weather types these are a must have when its colder. Clink the photo and check them out, if you have an RV you should have these! What all do I really need to say about this? If you’re reading this you use it, a type of it at least. This dissolves well and hasn’t clogged my tanks yet! This works amazingly!
This, is yet another must have product, especially for longer stays in your RV or Travel Camper. Changing environments dry the seals out and they don’t work as well, as with any seal you should condition it to keep it from cracking and breaking. Try this out! I love this, little more to say than that. Pre-set with most anything you could need in an RV. This seems to work best in the RV toilet.
This, I purchased from the store and after looking at products on the Amazon Associates wish I had purchased on Amazon. This makes draining your tanks simpler and quicker, and nobody wants to stand in the rain longer than they have to do drain a tank! Take it or leave it on this one. I am a Good Sam member, but one of the worst Campgrounds I have ever stayed in was a Good Sam park…somehow they are able to call themselves that…. Ordering some of these to test on a cabin roof.
I found this while browsing, I haven’t purchased it yet but I will be. Reception is nearly non-existent every place I have been to so far on this adventure minus cave city. It has been a nightmareand from the sound of this it will help! Remember what I said about reception? Be smart and buy a hard copy! plus, you don’t get sites with no contact info or other info this way if you DO have reception. Now all this driving I’m doing, like yesterday a 14 hr trip this is amazing!!!!!